About Us

It all started with an engineering drop!


This time the apple didn't fall. In these days you get so much time to think! Not a great one but an idea popped...Me and my friend decided to give it a shot and we started. Now that insane idea has turned into a company.

Founded on 21st April 2016.

Its a company aiming to make education and things required for it easy,efficient and more interesting.


We are working on making education (the real "Education")  easy accessible and interesting! 

Our Services:

The Mafia Store

Students or their parents have to waste much of their time, money and effort on finding the right education material at right price and right time. The distance between shop and house, the rush in shops at the peak months, the stock unavailability, carrying the load. Similarly there are many issues which we have to face. 

Solution to all these problems is at 1 click. Find the exact book on our website, order it online and get it delivered to your house! 

We deliver education material of all fields(Engineering for now, others coming up soon)  to you. 

[We are soon coming up with a new service of renting educational books with drop and pickup service] 


Books are accessories which are added to life to make it more lively. Reading is what makes you as a person.. So with educational books you also should read other books. 

This initiative aims in making reading easy and accessible. You can rent and buy unacademic books at very cheap rate. 

Helping Hand

Donate the academic and unacademic education  material which you dont need now and we will find a right place for the thing where it is needed the most. 

Applied Education

Its all about understanding the basic concepts exactly and clearly.Students can visit the giants in their respective fields and practically understand their work and blossom their interest.  

We arrange workshops and educational industry visits for students to practically see the working of giants in the industry and also perform things on demo models in the industry. 

We also arrange workshops for students to learn things in an innovative and friendly way. 

Rise of Artists

The definition of art is redefined by every artist because the art of everyone is unique and incomparable. Popularity and fame of artist doesn't always define the  greatness of his art. Lets learn to appreciate and respect every art form and artists, know their things and support them to reach the audience. 

We have a special wing which works on featuring artists and their work on our portal.



The technical mastermind behind Knowledge Mafia.


The person who handles all the official,financial and paperwork with maintaining all the ground level affairs.The concrete base of the company!


I,I do whatever is needed on time and force Pawan and Shiv to anyhow turn my insane

ideas into reality.

 We alter, share and help each other in all the things we do! 



    We dont have any criteria to fit in! Religion,caste,gender,age,qualification or experience nothing matters to us! Write to us,meet us ,tell us about your ideas,show us how can you help us improve what we are doing,tell us how can we serve our aim better and thats it,you are in!

contact us the way you feel easy, we are everywhere!

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Email- contactkmafia@gmail.com