Love on Facebook?

She is the reason you’re online every day… ?
Every time you receive a message you
wish it’s him … ?

She is the one you think of
While updating a broken heart status ?!
He is in your close friends so you can see
Every activity … his every like … comment … ?!
You feel really good when texting her the
whole day … ?!

You feel jealous every time he likes
Others girls’ photos ?
You feel like she cheated on you every
Time she accepts a new boy in her friend list?

The way you torture each other Is
Not replying messages …
Not liking each others activities …
Or even deactivating accounts …?

You really think this is love ?
Well … I’m sure it’s not
Just for once forget the identity,
Your self respect, your needs,
Your perceptions & expectations.
Ignore your ego.. Her appearance and the flaws,
just for a moment forget you know her..
Just like a stranger..
And then see the depth of those eyes.. Spark of her smile.
Innocence in her actions.Then u will realise how features betrayed us.
Why we were unable to feel the touch in our emotions.
For the moment you will feel the divine feeling of love..
It will be so honest that you will sense Your lips are smiling 🙂

Talk to me about this love & I will listen
to you .. 🙂

What happens here on facebook is a kind
of affection or just addiction to someone.
It can be anything except love..
Love is not some messages & facebook activities ..
Starting with a friend request
& ending with a block .. 
Take care of your heart & Don’t Give
Anyone a chance to play with your feelings

Even if you’re honest … There is no guarantee that,
Others are not fake ..!! 

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