This girl has the Sexiest Lips in the world-Featuring Jazmina Daniel.

The 24-year-old Australian posts these wonderfully wacky looks on social media and has amassed an impressive 764k Instagram followers. She’s created these striking masterpieces inspired by pop culture and movies, from iconic city skylines to Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz movies. There are glittering tributes to Disney’s classics such as The Little Mermaid and The Night Before Christmas, and even a bright Lego-themed look. Sydney-based Jazmina, who has been honing her talents for the last four years, says: “I have a passion for art, music and of course makeup. Lip art is my favourite thing to do, I am so passionate about it and love to draw inspiration from the things I love and In return I hope the people that see the art I create feel inspired and happy.” No doubt the current young crop of lipstick obsessed celebs such as Kylie Jenner would be lining up to wear such a talented artist’s creations on their famous lips. But this super busy Aussie says she’s currently too pressed to take on new clients and just enjoys showing off her creations on social media.

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