“Fault in our System”

unemployment is not a new word for us . yup its a major problem (Not bigger than global warming but probably bigger than a break-ups to worry about).
specially for young people .  formally  –” Unemployment rate, is number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.    And if you want me to describe it in informal words then it can be “Nikamme log  or jobless people “.
We engineers understand this term more than any others can!!  (don’t know should i be proud or feel sad. #confused).
Some Numbers and facts  😐
  1) It’s a 10-15 year old incidence in kerala (The great kerala ,94% literacy rate wala  😮 ) state govt. asked applications for a “20,000 vacancies  for Cleaning labor . Where as they received 20 lakh/2 million applications in response.
That is 100 people for 1 job!! Well some readers still not amazed ,for them let me tell you in those 2000000 applications  many of the applicant were PhD holders (yup The PhD holders) and many many of them were Engineers , Bsc,BEd and the list goes on of degrees . Isn’t funny that PhD holders are applying for a cleaning job ?(just imagine any of your known PhD holder cleaning a public toilet .)
2) This is what precisely happened in Uttar Pradesh in the second week of September 2015, when 23 lakh candidates applied for just 368 vacancies !! for the post of a peon in the government secretariat. This incident highlighted the graveness of the unemployment scenario of India in a nutshell, as the applicants included 250 doctorates, 25,000 Postgraduates, 1.5 lakh graduates, 7.5 lakh Higher secondary school pass outs and 11.2 lakh class 10 or equivalent pass outs, for a job which required only a qualification of a class 5 student and cycling skill. (i hope at least now you people are amazed by the facts :p)
Reasons and Blames :p 
1.)   Well we can easily blame govt. for these awesome statistics.  That’s a default blaming option for us and i am no different 😛 lack of govt. policies , corruption , intolerance , mehangaai (i dont know word for this 😐) , dollar value, chetan bhagat(i hope he won’t sue me 😛 ), sonam gupta  etc etc are some of   the reasons for the unemployment and we all know about this so i am not gonna type over them (write*).
There is another fact, i haven’t told you that “Around 50% of graduating student in india are unemployable (kisi kam ke nahi hai wo) And there is good chance of -after a year or two i will also be amongst those 50% (i hope my father won’t read this ). Companies don’t want to hire them and its not like that every unemployed graduate has low grades . there are hundreds of colleges with zero placements  including thousands of toppers who has huge grades (one can deposit them in bank account ) and almost 100% attendance in lecture and practicals . After following every rule, every ethic, after so much discipline and good grades what made those student unemployed ?  don’t give the shit that there are not enough jobs . Almost every unemployed graduate got rejected due to insufficient skills that a company ask for practical task,  to build some thing ,to innovate some thing .
We people spend 90% of our time in formal education (i don’t know why people call it education) writing assignments without logic , writing journals more than performing practicals.      I felt ashamed when i saw , teachers in medical colleges don’t even dare to read the index of journals instead they were giving grades based on “weight of the journal ” (the more you write, greater the grades you get.)  . A teacher in engineering college can fail you for not following the protocols given by university. But there is  no specific criteria  for a teacher’s teaching ability (all that matters is his/her doctorate in xyz subject.) .There comes some incidence where A post graduate ,15 year teaching experienced professor of computer doesn’t  know how to share a file on LAN . And i dont blame that teacher for all this  because all he did in his college life was writing assignments and journals and got good grades to become a teacher. He/she is the victim of same education system And the cycle goes on .  I have huge respect  for a teacher (A teacher and not an employ of some education institute who performs its formalities and gets salary.)
Because there were some teachers through -out my education carrier for whom my respect is eternal. believe me or not  but since last few years i got more sad on a teacher’s day than a valentine’s day . Because i badly missed those teachers . In colleges most of the teachers are concerned to finishing syllabus by the dead line. Again i don’t blame them because our syllabus are designed that way. On average a teacher it self spends more than 50% of his/her time on non-teaching task asked by institution.  Every college student knows how much sense does an assignment writing makes (dont give an optimistic answer but a practical one) .
Wasted efforts and resources !!
kerala with 94% literacy rate is number one on unemployment . where as states like gujrat and rajsthan with 79% and 66%  literacy rate respectively has the least unemployment.
 isnt funny? that all our  college life  we have been taught about “how to get a job”  and in the end we argue on skills.
There is routed mentality in our system  “Good grades gives you good jobs or probably just jobs ” but do we calibrate the grades sensibly ? are our grades based on our practical skills or just on formalities we that perform ?  i know every teacher and student knew the answer of this question But then again
This is how it is !!   We explore the world through text books and formalities .
We do MBA not to enhance our skills in business but to enhance our Salary and again we argue over skills.which makes a chai wala better business person than us. We choose our Branches based on its scope instead of our interest And we end up arguing over skills. All we do is ,train the brain for
how to get a job“.  No doubt job is important and very basic need for a stable life but are we giving enough practical knowledge and skills required for these jobs ..?
 We changed the way we communicate , we changed the way we travel, we changed the way we share, we changed the way we live ,we changed the way we listen .. every thing around us evolved with our pace and our needs but we still learn the things the way we used to learn before decades .
Blindly following all the protocols fixed by system and never questioned why. Perhaps never searched for a better way . We have forgotten that we are not robots to follow protocols . Time changes so does things and so does our approach has to change .
 Education is not a tool for getting only jobs but has much more significance in our life .Until we change our this narrow and impractical attitude nothing is gonna change neither it makes any sense arguing over skills and unemployment before that.   As there is an old english phrase “No country for old man”  its quite relevant to education also “No job for Unskilled people“.
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