Baki Toh Sabb Moh Maaya Hai – Praneet Wanve

Deep inside somewhere between ego, personality, Sanskriti, surviving, social rituals, deadlines, rules, fear, learning life lessons there was something inside, totally raw and real called “me”. Even after growing up for so many years he was still a child. He had questions about everything, he wanted to feel everything. I knew he was there but I kept ignoring his needs and just kept carrying him along. I never got triggered to dig him out because I thought I was happy( I guess). But slowly these things entered into my life. So-called depression, frustration, boredom and what not. I had nothing to blame because my life was completely designed by my decisions. After watching so many youtube videos, I decided to give “Travelling” a shot!

When some things got blocked. I lost my ways, my destinations. I automatically started traveling! I never thought that this six alphabet word would have so much in it. All my definitions started seeming absurd. The egoistic “me” melted slowly. It was entering and discovering the world…discovering myself! It was a feeling of self-respect, it was a feeling of existence. It was a realization, it was immense knowledge, it was management, it was manners, it was knowing that soo many good people exist on earth. Freshness was just a noun for me till then but now I really started experiencing it.

Travelling teaches you a very beautiful art of watching things exactly the way they are. Just watching or observing something without judging is a beautiful experience. It gives a wide view and you learn to admire uniqueness and different perspectives. Believe me when you don’t have to judge or care about results or worry about the destination, life becomes full of life. Wise, beautiful and happy! And then you come to know that wrong, right, good and bad were just illusions.

The best and most pivotal thing which traveling taught me was how to take experiences. Everyone has had many experiences in life but what drives is how they dealt with it. Experience is the best teacher and traveling teaches you best ways to take it. Face, handle, what to learn, what to fetch, what to carry along, what to leave behind and keep going on!

“You need so much money to travel” is a superstition, not at all real but believed for hell reasons. Common find a jugaad, go Couchsurfing and there are much more ways to travel.
Joy comes from everything around us. Don’t limit its sources. Don’t make it artificial. Let it be random, vulnerable and infinite. No filters can beautify the picture as those captured with your eyes! Stop editing your pics and start editing your life. The general definition of travel is very faint. It’s unique for everyone. Literally going on will only reveal it, so go on and see what miracles are waiting for you.

Go travel…Baki toh Sabb moh Maaya hai!

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